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Why do we choose TMT bars for the Construction Works

Why do we choose TMT bars for the Construction Works


Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are commonly known as TMT. They are high-quality support bars having extremely hard external and a soft internal center. This procedure includes fast extinguishing of the hot bars through a progression of water streams after they take-off of the last plant stand. The bars are cooled, enabling the center and surface temperatures to balance. Since the inner surface is soft and the outer surface is hard, it has both high tensile & elongation properties.


1. Higher tensile strength available FE500/550/600 grades

2. More ductile, i.e., higher elongation before break

3. Magnificent weldability without loss of solidarity at welded joints

4. Higher Earth Quake resistance / higher shock-absorbing capacity

5. Higher corrosion resistance Critical investment funds at the expense of a steel

6. There are a few criteria that one has to remember while choosing the TMT Bars, being utilized in the development are of adequately high caliber.



The Grade is embossed on each TMT bars like FE500/D, FE550/D, FE600/D. FE indicates the minimum yield strength in N/mm2 of the bar, where D denotes the bar's flexibility.


Always utilize the mainstream brand of steel bars as they may have a specific quality. It is fitting to use the brand proposed by your basic expert or use the legislature endorsed the brand. The brand name is embossed on each bar like VIZAG TMT, TISCON, NEO STEEL.


Ensure test certificate issued along with material for its properties.


Primary Steel has more corrosion resistance than others because of better chemical properties.


Get a bar and check whether the maker's brand is available on each meter of it. The bars should not look rusty, corroded. Additionally, check whether the finishes of each heap of TMT Bars are of equivalent length. At last, guarantee that each bar in the group has the TMT bar organization logo as a general rule.

Steel Is Unique And Ever-Evolving

Steel's two essential components are iron, Earth's most abundant elements, and recycled steel. Once the steel is produced, it is a permanently available resource. It is 100% recyclable and has a potentially infinite life cycle. This infinite recyclability is without loss of properties, adding to strength, versatility, availability, and affordability, make steel special. There are thousands of types of steel, designed to meet the specific needs of end-users.

Many products that we use are developed over the past ten years. Steels are alloys based on iron. Depending on the desired properties ' such as strength, flexibility, and stiffness, many other elements can be present in small amounts. The variety of steel is not only defined by chemical composition, but also by different microstructures on a nano and sub-nano scale. This leads to an effective range of available properties and makes sure that there is much scope to continue to improve new, innovative, lightweight, and high-strength steels.

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01 Jul, 2019

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