MS Plates

  • 3x1250x2500mm MS PLATES
    Price Starts From Rs.56,740.00
    3x1250x2500mm MS PLATES


  • 150X150X6 MS Plates
    Price Starts From Rs.58,764.00
    150X150X6 MS Plates


  • 10mmx2x6.3 MS PLATE
    Price Starts From Rs.43,660.00
    10mmx2x6.3 MS PLATE


  • 4X1250X2500 MS Plates
    Price Starts From Rs.56,740.00
    4X1250X2500 MS Plates


  • 12X1250X2500 MS Plates
    Price Starts From Rs.49,796.00
    12X1250X2500 MS Plates



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    All prices shown on the site are on real time basis. The prices displayed on the website are firm for the order only when the payment is made successfully.

  • 1. Number of pieces rounded off to next nearest digit.

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