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Shree Tmt
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Buy Shree TMT Bars With Best Prices

Shree TMT Steel is one of the best manufacturers in India with a BIS license to manufacture TMT bars up to the Fe 550D grade and with cost-effective for the consumers. Shree TMT is the premium flagship product of Devashree Ispat Pvt. Ltd. which was established by the Goenka family in 2005. Shree TMT Bar is made from pure metallic, with the latest generation, controlled chemistry, supervised by expert metallurgists and engineers, coupled with a cutting-edge manufacturing process. To construct any type of projects using Shree TMT Steel Bars in a strong manner, they can order these TMT bars now. 


Mechanical Properties of Shree Tmt

Yield Strength UTS % Elongation
550 600 14

Chemical Properties of Shree Tmt

C S P S & P
0.25 0.05 0.05 0.1
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