Difference between Cold Rolled Steel and Hot Rolled Steel

Difference between Cold Rolled Steel and Hot Rolled Steel

Steeloncall.com is going to present the main difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel regarding the process and procedure of making the material. Hot rolling refers to the process done with heat and pressure. Whereas Cold rolling refers the procedures done at close to room temperature with pressure. Although these techniques affect overall performance and application, they ought not to be mistaken for formal particulars and grades of steel, Steels of different grades and specifications having any hot rolled or cold rolled including both carbon steel and other alloy steels.

Hot rolled steel has been roll-pressed at 1700 ̊F that is very high temperatures and this temperature is above the recrystallization temperature for most steels. This makes forming if the steel is easier and resulting in products that are easier to work. Once hot rolled steel has cooled, it is then re-rolled at room temperature to accomplish more definite measurements and better surface characteristics.

At Cold Rolled Steel, Smooth surfaces that are often oily to the touch when compared to hot rolled steel materials. Both rollers are used to apply pressure that converts the raw steel into desired shapes. 

The Physical characteristics, cold-rolled steels, are stronger and harder than hot-rolled steels. As the metal is moulded at lower temperatures, the steel’s hardness, resistance against strain breaking and resistance against deformation are all expanded because of work solidifying.

Hot Rolled Steels are used in welding and construction trades to make Railroad tracks, I-beams, Agricultural equipment, Sheet metal, Automotive frames, and cold rolled steels are used in any type of project like Strips, Bars, Rods, Home appliances, Roof and wall systems, Metal furniture, Aerospace structural members where concentricity, tolerances, surface condition and straightness are the main factors.

The major applications of Hot rolled Steel are Metal buildings,Railcar components, Water heaters, Strappings, Stampings, Wheel rims, Truck frames and other such products and Cold Rolled Steels having the applications such as  Filing cabinets, Tables, Exhaust pipes, Chairs, Home appliances, Water heaters, Shelving and other similar products.

Materials that are bigger in size and will be placed into distinct shapes will require the hot-rolled procedure, smaller products waiting to be tolerant and durable ought to have been made through cold rolling. The Strength of the steel can be increased by up to 20% at cold Rolled steels.

06 Nov, 2019
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