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Frequently Asked Questions

We are sharing company profile website and YouTube links and bringing awareness To the customer explaining about our projects and existing customer’s database.
We are explaining shipping amount as a token payment to confirm the order and the remaining amount can be paid after the vehicle reaching the location.
We are explaining rods length 40 feet comparing to local market 36 and 38 feet by that customer is losing weight in 36 and 38 feet
We are telling tampering of weightment in the local market so that your getting low price so we telling our genuineness in the weightment and weight tolerance.
We are telling about company profile and handling projects and talking about previous customer database we are assuring the customer we are not talking full amount.
We are explaining technically compared brand available with us and along with price segment of the customer also and convincing him to take the available brand from us.
We are explaining our process and procedures of delivering the material to the customer and price comparance to the local market also try to hold the customer.
We are convincing the customer to pay the token amount for order confirmation and remaining amount can be paid at the time of delivery. if price may increase we will inform to customer. We are telling that initial purchase as per company policy and from the second third order we can give credit.
We are telling test certificates can be given to the customer at the time of delivery only. If we don’t provide the test certificates denied delivery.
We are explaining the company profile as a online selling platform and customer should approach through us only. We are telling about the sellers
In the other regions some customers wants to place their own vehicles and we are telling it is not allowed as per company policy because there is mishandle of material

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