Overview of Steel Prices

Overview of Steel Prices

With the widening of the gap between domestic and landed steel prices in recent months, Indian steelmakers have been focussing more on export markets, and steel exports have consequently increasing.

Steel prices regulation of steel was abolished on 16th january1992. From that point forward steel costs are controlled by the interaction of market powers. Local steel costs are impacted by patterns in crude material costs, demand-supply conditions in the market, international price trends among others.  Right now, GST of 18% is material on steel and there is no export duty on steel things. A steel value observing panel has been established by the Government with the means to monitor steel price rationalization, analyse price fluctuations and advise all concerned regarding any irrational price behaviour of steel commodity. To stay away from any distortion in steel prices in perspective on specially appointed and rising imports, the Government had made several steps including raising import obligation and forced an extent of measures including against dumping and shield obligations on a large group of appropriate steel things. In a further move to curb steel imports, the Indian government restricted the creation and sale of steel products that doesn't fulfill Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) approval and to check the clearance of defective and  inadequate hardened steel items utilized for making utensils and different kitchen appliances, it gave the Stainless Steel (Quality Control) for items utilized in making utensils and kitchen machines, that will help channel imports of the metal.

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21 Dec, 2019
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