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What is the Q195 steel grade?

What is the Q195 steel grade?

Q195 steel is a Chinese steel grade of carbon basic steel, "q" represents yield quality, "195" signifies the yield quality is 195 mpa, and rigidity is 315 – 430 mpa, information is tried dependent on a 16mm width steel bar. Q195 material thickness is 7.85 g/cm3, the physical properties and compound structure are proportionate to ASTM – gr.B(σs185), gr.C(σs205); racket – st33, s185; jis – ss330(σs205), sphc(σs205), sphd(σs205); bs – 040a10, s185(σs185mpa). Q195 carbon auxiliary steel is broadly utilized on the planet, on account of its brilliant incorporated presentation in quality, versatility, and welding, and so forth. Q195 steel can be made into a large number of steel items, for example, steel wire bar, aroused wire, restricting wire, welded work, metal fence, steel plates, steel funnels, and cylinders just as steel edge, and so on.  Q195 material has high versatility, durability, and weldability, great weight, and processability, however low quality. It has numerous utilizations, for example, the assembling of wire poles, steel plates. Wire poles can be cold brought into low carbon steel wires, at that point to make dark or aroused iron wire, tie wire, welded wire work, wire fence, and some progressively; cold and hot-moved steel sheets are generally utilized in material boards, beautiful boards, bundling holders, iron drums, instrument cases, switch boxes, defensive spreads, and so on. Different applications incorporate creation of steel pipes, steel points, stay jolts, stacks, material chunks, bolts, tie poles, snares, sections, welded structures, and so forth. 

Q195 Steel Chemical Composition




Si% (≤)


P% (≤)

S% (≤)







Q195 Steel Mechanical Properties



Yield Strength

Tensile Strength

Elongation %


195 Mpa

315 – 430 Mpa


Individually steel grades q195, q215, q235, q255, and q275, and so on., steel grades by the agent of the yield purpose of the letter (q), the yield point esteem, quality, quality symbols a, b, c, d with deoxy strategy image arrangement made out of four sections. From the substance synthesis of stars, low-carbon steel grades q195, q215, q235, q255, and q275 grade huge carbon content, manganese content, the more steady its versatility. From the mechanical properties of focuses, more than the thickness of ≤16mm grades that yield point steel. The elasticity were: 315-430,335-450,375-500,410-550,490-630 (obn/mm2); qi prolongation were: 33,31,26,24,20 ( 0.5%). Thus, when acquainting steel with clients, to remind clients to purchase various materials relying upon the ideal result of the steel material, so as not to influence item quality. Q195 structure carbon steel has collected generous exploration enthusiasm as a potential designing material that is as of now generally applied in the development and vehicle industry. The material has one of a kind properties, for example, high pliancy, strength, and welding execution, just as great twisting capacity under high tension, yet requires surface change before it tends to be proficiently applied by and by. To be sure, cutting-edge alteration innovations can extraordinarily improve explicit surface geologies and unpleasantness, significantly help vitality productivity, and improve item execution and quality to construction.

Grade q195, low carbon content, the force isn't high, acceptable pliability, strength, functionality, and weldability. For moved sheet and wire bar. Cold and hot moved steel sheet and its zinc, tin, and plastic composite made of meager steel plate of the first with the utilization of countless the rooftop, improving plates, basic residue pipes, holders, drums, instrument case, switch boxes, insurance spread, train vehicles and so forth. The cold brought into the wire bar is more or electrifies low carbon steel wire made of aroused low carbon steel wire for authoritative, or as a fixed strain steel wirework, for example, bolts. Evaluation q215, q195 somewhat higher quality steel, use, and q195 same. Also, huge amounts of welded steel pipes, electrified pipe, heater support, foot screws, fasteners, nails, wood screws, punching iron pivots, and other metal parts.


11 Jul, 2020
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