Best Place To Buy Construction Steel Materials Online

Best Place To Buy Construction Steel Materials Online

Steel is the backbone for the long-lasting life for construction. Choosing the best steel materials with good mechanical properties like higher weldability, flexibility, durability, etc. and with the best prices is a challenging task before the customers. Steel is one of the most significant materials that is required to have the construction works stronger and durable.  Buying the right steel in the open market (offline) is a very tedious, time-consuming and challenging task for any buyer.  If customers choose to purchase the materials online, they get the day to day prices with multiple brands. All this updated information is available on Steeloncall when compared to other competitors. Steeloncall is the biggest steel trading e-commerce in India to supply materials on time, breaking the traditional way of buying and selling steel products. Steeloncall offers many varieties of steel materials online to a large number of customers. This is the best place for shoppers, who are hoping to purchase construction materials at affordable prices online. 

Advantages Of Buying Materials Online

Daily Updated Prices:

Customers can compare prices of different brands with multiple suppliers and buyers can select the necessary materials either from primary or secondary brands from multiple vendors. Steeloncall has unique features displaying real-time prices online i.e. price fluctuations on day to day basis will be displayed online for the benefit of the customers. Customers can visit our page and get updated prices. Because of all these facilities, consumers can choose their choice of the brand with the best price.  

Quality Test Certificate

The Strength of TMT Bars will depend on the quality of steel i.e. the mechanical and chemical properties. The test certificates show the mechanical and chemical properties which can be verified with standard specifications.   ISO-certified TMT steel bar manufacturers are only can give a Test Certificate for the material delivered. Different grades and different brands have different test parameters. All these parameters will be reflected in Test Certificates. All positive parameters like ductility, tensile strength etc will be on higher side negative parameters like Sulphur, Phosphorus contents will be lower side. The different grades TMT bars are Fe 415, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, Fe550D, Fe600, CRM, HSCRM etc.  So the Test Certificate of the material delivered is very essential to know the grade and quality of the steel delivered. Steeloncall provides the Quality Test Certificate to the customers along with the material. This is possible because steeloncall has a tie-up with the verified suppliers only.

Different Payment Modes

Once the customer decides to place an order, Steeloncall offers different options of payment methods like Cash On Delivery (COD), Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque payment, NEFT/RTGS, online payment through CCAvenue gateway etc. Customers can choose one of the above payment methods suitable to them. Steeloncall is providing the COD option only for the selected customers only. So Steeloncall provides the payment options with the best suitable method for the customers. It is convenient for customers to buy steel online through Steeloncall platform.

Various Brands With Multiple Vendors

Steeloncall offers various brands and grades of TMT bars online and also from multiple vendors.  Customers have a wide variety of choices of Different brands, grades and also from multiple sources different vendors. This unique facility is available to customers to select choice brands and the best vendor. This type of facility may not be available in any other e-marketing platforms. On other sites, customers will not get various brands with multiple vendors. But at Steeloncall, it is possible to get it. Steeloncall offers both primary and secondary TMT Bars for customers to buy online.  The various grades of TMT bars available are CRM,HSCRM, Fe 500, Fe500 D, Fe550 etc. Vendors of reputed only will register on Steeloncall after due verification by our expert team. Some of the primary brands of TMT that are offered to customers online are Vizag Steel TMT Bars(RINL), SAIL TMT Bars (Steel Authority Of India), TATA Steel TMT Bars, JSW NEO Steel TMT Bars and JSPL Jindal Panther TMT Bars etc. The secondary brands of TMT Bars are like KAY2 TMT Bars, MS Life TMT Bars, Simhadri TMT Bars, Shakti Gold TMT Bars, Tirupati TMT Bars, Sugna TMT Bars, Sarvottam TMT Bars, Shree TMT Bars, Jindal (local), SS Gold TMT Bars, Radha TMT Bars,  Apollo TMT Bars etc.

Transportation Facility:

 After deciding the purchase of required steel, Transportation is the tough task to get reliable transporter to deliver the correct quantity and right charges. If material ordered through Steeloncall, Steeloncall take the responsibility to deliver the material at the customer’s location. In selected locations like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Steeloncall offers free transportation facility. 

Different Types Of Steel Available On Steeloncall.com

Construction Steel:  

  • TMT Bars: Thermo Mechanically Treated or TMT bars are highly strengthened reinforcement bars having a solidified outer and a soft inner core. Different sizes of TMT Bars that are available on Steeloncall are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. TMT Bars are used in High Rise Buildings, Dams, Industrial Projects, Bridges, Flyovers etc.
  • MS Rounds: MS Round Bars are used by auto-ancillaries, forging industries, bright bar industries, foundation and bushes, anchor bolts, pins, rollers and many more engineering industries. All these MS Rounds are available through our verified suppliers only. 
  • Binding Wire:  In the field of construction, Binding wires are mild steel wires that are used for binding rebar. These are also known as annealed steel wires because of this process it makes them reusable, extra strong and flexible.

Fabrication Steel

Fabrication Steel is the most important steel material that is used for construction and for fabrication.  It is one of the creations of steel structures by cutting, bending and assembling process. The available fabrication steels are  MS Angles, MS Squares, MS Channels, MS Sheets, MS Plates, MS Flats, MS Pipes, MS Unequal Angles and ISMB etc. 

With Hassle-Free Delivery for specified locations, Easy Refund Policy, Quality Certificate and Verified Suppliers, Steeloncall offers the best brands with quality steel materials. Get the latest prices through our site or from Steeloncall android or IOS apps to place an order easily. If there is an issue, customers may contact Steeloncall experts who had a good knowledge of the steel industry. Finally, we ensure that Steeloncall is the best place to buy steel materials online.

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