Steel Is Unique And Ever-Evolving

Steel Is Unique And Ever-Evolving

Steel's two key components are iron, one of Earth's most abundant elements, and recycled steel. Once steel is produced it becomes a permanently available resource because it is 100% recyclable and has a potentially infinite life cycle. This infinite recyclability without loss of properties, combined with its strength, versatility, availability and affordability make steel unique. There are thousands of different types of steel, designed to meet the specific needs of end users.

Many products in use today were developed over the past 10 years. Steels are alloys based on iron. Depending on the desired properties ' such as strength, ductility, and stiffness ' a multitude of other elements can be present in small amounts. The variety of steels is not only defined by chemical composition, but also by a variety of microstructures on a nano and sub-nano scale. This leads to an impressive range of achievable properties and ensures that there is much scope to continue developing new, innovative, lightweight and high-strength steels.

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22 Dec, 2015
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