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TMT Bars and their Applications in Construction

TMT Bars and their Applications in Construction

What are TMT Bars? TMT bars, or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are characterized by a tough outer surface and a soft inner core. This makes them strong, while remaining flexible. They come in different diameters, namely, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. During the manufacture of TMT bars, the steel wires are passed through rolling mills to give them shape and then quickly cooled using a high-pressure water spray, in a process called quenching. This cools the outside of the bars, leaving the inner core to cool slowly on the cooling beds. This two-layered cooling process makes the outer area of the bars extremely strong and gives the inner core greater ductility.

TMT Bars – The Backbone of the Construction Industry

The many benefits that TMT bars provide makes it among the most widely used construction materials worldwide. For one, the unique ribbed pattern on their surface provides extra strength, by bonding them more tightly with concrete to ensure higher longevity of the construction. Further, in addition to their cost-effectiveness, TMT bars have higher tensile strength, ductility and yield. TMT bars also offer greater thermal and corrosion resistance, as well and being ideal for construction in areas with high seismic activity and sudden increases in load. Usage of TMT Bars in the Construction Industry Different grades of TMT bars offer different yield strengths, with their yield strength being inversely proportional to their ductility. For instance, Fe 600 TMT Bars have higher strength but lower ductility when compared to Fe 500 TMT Bars. It is crucial to have a proper understanding of the properties of the various grades of TMT bars, before deciding which grade needs to be used for a specific project. Choosing the right grade of TMT bar enables standardization, strength and durability within the project.

This leads us to the subject of which grade of TMT Steel bars is ideally suited for different types of construction requirements. Fe 415 Grade Fe 415 Grade TMT can be easily bent into the most complex shapes. As a result of its cost-effectiveness and ductility, it is perfect for small load constructions. This makes it the ideal choice for usage in small-scale construction projects, such as reinforcing residential homes, as well as small-scale structures. Fe 500 Grade Considered the market-standard across many construction projects for its greater seismic stability and ductility, Fe 500 Grade TMT also comes in the variations of Fe 500D and Fe 500S. This grade of TMT steel provides stability to high-rise projects and can be used across a range of residential, commercial and multistoried projects. Further, Fe 500 Grade TMT is suited for areas of high seismic activity and sudden increases in load. Fe 550 Grade Fe 550 Grade TMT bars offer greater tensile strength compared to Fe 415 and Fe 500 Grade TMT bars. They can be used across a range of large-scale projects, such as bridges and infrastructure projects, as well as industrial projects and structures requiring high load-bearing capacities. Further, Fe 550 Grade TMT bars are the preferred choice in coastal, marine and underground environments.

Fe 600 Grade -The strongest among the TMT grades, Fe 600 Grade TMT bars offer greater tensile strength, while reducing overall Page 1 of 2 consumption and ensuring lesser steel congestion. This variant is used in large scale projects, where the focus is on load bearing capability, durability, and corrosion-resistance. Fe 600 Grade TMT bars are used extensively in heavy-duty infrastructure projects including bridges and marine facilities, metro projects, expressways power plants and towers, commercial structures and SEZ type industrial projects.

At Radha TMT, there is a TMT bar for every type of construction purpose. All set to create new benchmark and achieve the status of being the preferred brand of every leading Builders, Architects and Structural Engineers across the country, Radha TMT® 550D LRF is ideal for use in the following applications Infrastructure in seismic zones Dams and wind-turbine foundations Industrial structures Underground construction Tunnels Canals Ports and airports Bridges and flyovers High-rise buildings Concrete roads Independent bungalows Radha TMT (GST Number: 36AADCR6508A1ZQ) recently introduced a new product, Radha TMT® 550D LRF is a firstof-its-kind product to be produced by any steel company in South India. The product’s higher ductility and tensile strength ideal for critical infrastructure projects and high-rise buildings, across the country. Sources Similarity stronger than the best - Citkon – TMT CITKON Fe 600 TMT Bar is one of the most durable TMT grades ... expressways, metro projects, plants, towers, commercial properties, industrial zones ...

01 Feb, 2022

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