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Usage of steel in Construction. How it adds value to the architecture

One of the major uses of steel is in the construction industry. It’s used widely for various types of construction work across multiple areas. The steel used for construction is referred to as structural steel and includes steel sheets, TMT bars and rods. Steel sheets are usually used for low priced roofing solutions. TMT bars are the most commonly used type of steel product used for building the framework of all kinds of structures like bridges, flyovers, residential and commercial buildings.

TMT steel forms the backbone of most building structures and is one of the most essential building materials. TMT bars have multiple properties which make them perfect for construction purposes. TMT or Thermo Mechanically treated steel rods are extremely strong yet highly ductile and malleable. They are easily weldable, fire-proof, anti-corrosive and protect from earthquakes. They fuse well with concrete. Investing in good quality TMT bars are an economical choice for builders and architects. Their strength and lightweight makes them a cost-effective construction material because they are easy to ship resulting in low transportation costs. It can also bring down the cost of manual labour as you need fewer people for unloading and moving the bars. The price of TMT bars varies according to steel price per kg and factors like the process of manufacturing which differs from brand to brand. But choosing a good brand will ultimately result in cost-saving as there is less wastage of materials. They can stand high pressure and will not break under any circumstance.

Investing in good quality TMT bars also ensures that the building structure stands the test of time. Steel rods that are prone to corrosion and the effects of temperature changes can make a structure collapse over time. But TMT bars are made to withstand all kinds of pressures such as temperature changes, fires, earthquakes and other extreme weather phenomena. It is also extremely strong with high load-bearing capacities. The high rise structures that we see today have TMT bars at their core. TMT bars add value to a structure by bringing down the total cost of construction and obliterating the need for frequent renovations. It’s one of the most basic yet essential building materials that greatly affects the future value of a building. The fact that they are unaffected by temperature ensures that the building is protected from within. It adds to the safety of a structure and makes it suitable for habitation. We cannot emphasize enough the need for choosing the right TMT steel bars for construction. It’s the backbone of construction and therefore the most fundamental part of the building process.

28 Jun, 2021

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