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What are the Advantages of Using Fe 500 Steel Grade?

What are the Advantages of Using Fe 500 Steel Grade?

Nowadays some workers report an inclination among few design engineers that they determine grade fe-500 or higher steel in residential buildings, referring to its high quality and high strength. If they design buildings structures considering the utilization of Fe 500 steel in construction, it could help decrease the volume of steel utilized and lessen the section size. Fe 500 grade steel could present many site explicit issues during development, particularly for little manufacturers. Considering the detailed disappointments and issues with grade Fe  500  or higher. Fe500 could be utilized just when the whole plan is made by that grade. Fe 500 steel is delivered utilizing the equivalent TMT process that is utilized to create Fe 415. The excellence of the TMT procedure is that it can create various grades of steel by making slight changes in the process. If the steel is quenched a little more, the outer martensite layer that gives the high solidarity to the steel rebar gets thicker to the detriment of the delicate internal center that enriches it with flexibility. This actually occurs in Fe 500 grade TMT steel.

Higher quality and lower ductility for Fe 500 steel bars do not bend easily. Fe 500 grade demonstrated itself delicate to high strains incited in the twisting procedure. It isn't lenient toward bowing to distance across higher than the base curve breadths indicated. For example, a 12 mm rebar of Fe 500 steel breaks when bowed into an ideal 'u', not at all like the comparative rebar of Fe 415  grade. It might cause it to crack, too. Hence hydraulic bending machines must be utilized to twist the bar. Bending a Fe  500 grade bar ought to be completed gradually, not with a jerk. Bending done on a bar bending table is in every case sharp. It debilitates the TMT at the pressure side of twist divide as the tempered martensite layer there gets relaxed and it breaks. So on common sense use, Fe  500 comes up short at building destinations. The manufacturers of most elevated structures that utilize Fe 500 evaluation rebars secure them in plant cut sizes, dodging the need to chip away at them further. Their originators furnish them with the steel detail that causes them to acquire things off the rack. Little manufacturers might not have such luxuries.



FE 500

FE 500D

0.2% Proof Stress (min N/mm2)



Ultimate Tensile Strength (min N/mm2)

640 MPa

660 MPa

Elongation (In Percent)



Carbon (Max)



Phosphorus & Sulphur (max)



Fe 500 TMT bars are like Fe 500d, Fe 500s, Fe 550, Fe 550d. The d in these bars show that they are more bendable than their typical partners. For instance, this additional pliability originates from decreased synthetic structures of carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and sulfur/phosphorus blend. While the typical Fe 550 bars contain the most extreme carbon level of .30, while Fe 550d bars contain the greatest carbon level of .25. This equivalent kind of contrast in an organization in Fe 500 additionally, for instance, for while the ordinary Fe 500 steel bars contain the most extreme sulfur level of 0.060 and Fe 500d bars contain the greatest sulphur level of 0.045.


The absence of torsional remaining worry in this Fe 500d TMT bars alongside lower carbon content offers better corrosion resistance. The martensitic layer present at the external surface, just as the arrangement of a disciple scale film brought about by water quenching.


The superior quality of Fe 500 TMT bars is liberated from tramp components like cu, v, ni, cr and so forth dissimilar to other regular producers where scrap is utilized and there is no control on polluting influences. Superior quality bars are progressively solid and more secure for use in basic frameworks because of better power obstruction and burden-bearing limits.

The high corrosion resistance, brilliant bendability and incredible obstruction on powerful stacking of Fe - 500, it is utilized in RCC developments in building, spans and other solid structures. Fe - 550 it has comparable properties of Fe 500, yet varies in the yield and elasticity. It is additionally utilized in RCC development that is presented to beachfront, marine or underground situations. The feature property of a TMT bar having a yielding quality of 500 n/mm2 is its protection from consumption. They are best appropriate for various story structures and business structures. Their properties are practically like that of Fe 500. But they have improved yield quality which is somewhat more than Fe 500. They are generally appropriate for somewhat enormous scope ventures, for example, extensions and substantial underground structures.

15 Jul, 2020

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