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What do you mean by a TMT Bar?

What do you mean by a TMT Bar?

Steel has been used in the construction industry for a long time due to these specific properties like yield strength, ductility, tensile strength and thermal conductivity. The job of steel in any building structures determines its basic quality and dependability. Consequently picking the right steel with desired properties is of most extreme significance. TMT bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars) have increased an expanded prevalence in the development business. TMT bars are popularly utilized for the construction of dams, multi-storeyed buildings, flyovers and other complicated structures. The producing procedure of TMT bars incorporates 3 phases: Casting of iron scrap, Hot rolling and Quenching. The microstructure of the steel bar changes because of the distinction in the temperature between the outer and inner core. The outer surface of the bar solidifies and the internal center stays ductile.

TMT bars are mainly used due to high-strength reinforcement. These bars have an extreme outer core and a soft inner core. These are fabricated by going steel wires through a moving factory stand. The wires when moved are gone through the temp core water cooling framework under enhanced water pressure. The sudden change in temperature along with quenching toughens the external layer of the steel bar, making it very solid and intense. The bars are then exposed to air cooling so as to adjust the temperature contrast between the soft inner core and the tough exterior. At the point when the TMT bars have cooled off, they convert into a ferrite-pearlite mass. Everyone needed to make sure to buy TMT bars from a reliable source such as Steeloncall in order to get their construction perfect and to withstand natural calamities.

High-quality TMT bars convey more prominent rigidity to the TMT bars. The most significant highlights of the TMT bar incorporate higher elongation. This improves the bend and rebends properties for the TMT bars, in this manner making it safe from natural calamities such as an earthquake. The Thermal solidness of TMT bars is high which makes them safe from any fire mishaps. The unique ribbed plan of the TMT bars structure forms a stronger bond with the solid or concrete. Consequently, it offers extra support and strength to the building structure and improves their life span and solidness. The high rigidity and adaptability settle on TMT bars a definitive decision for seismic tremor inclined zones. TMT bars have a greater shock-absorbing capacity and this prevents the breakdown of a structure during a tremor and guarantees the life span of the structure.


  • Better ductility and malleability
  • Earthquake resistant
  • High thermal resistance
  • Significant savings in the cost of steel
  • Improved quality combined with high ductility
  • Superb weldability without loss of solidarity at welded joints

The important feature of TMT bars is earthquake-resistant. These bars have higher elongation points and they can undoubtedly extend without compromising their genuine estimation or quality. Elongation can be portrayed as a TMT bar's capacity to lengthen or disfigure before it is harmed. The quality of TMT bars makes them ideal for being utilized as a development material in earthquake-prone areas. These bars have an extraordinary level of versatility. The delicate ferrite-pearlite center of the TMT bars gives them prevalent bendability. These bars can be effectively twisted and formed into any shape and utilized for a wide scope of constructional purposes. TMT bars are impervious to consumption. During any construction project, TMT bars are presented to water and dampness for a longer period of time. This component additionally guarantees the security of the structures where TMT bars are utilized as development material. Nowadays without the use of TMT bars, no one is ready for the construction. In order to make a stronger construction, everyone has to buy TMT bars.


  • Residential projects
  • High Rise residential buildings
  • Office/modern structures
  • Underground structures
  • Submerged or marine structures
  • Long span dams, bridges and flyovers
  • Large structures such as Malls, Schools, Airports, Hospitals and soon

Every primary producer of steel in India regularly manufactures Fe 500D and Fe 500 TMT bars and keeping in mind that the elasticity remains the equivalent for both these kinds of TMT bars, the Fe500D variation accompanies higher flexibility. Flexibility portrays the capacity of a material to easily deform and adapt as it is put under stress with a tensile load within a construction unit. This variety in the small scale structure of a TMT bar makes it exceptionally reasonable for excellent high-quality highway construction work. Since they are liberated from surface deformities TMT bars are greatly improved at withstanding torsional stress making them highly corrosion resistant compared to lower levels of steel development bars.

19 Feb, 2020

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