What Is A Binding Wire?

What Is A Binding Wire?

The tying applications in the construction field are utilized by the binding wire. It is utilized broadly in the development area for tying the rebars at the joints in order to keep the structure intact. Binding wire is likewise called annealed wire and is made of mild steel. Annealing enriches it with the properties like adaptability and delicate quality, required for its primary use. Binding wires are set up by the way toward strengthening which gives them adaptability, non-abrasiveness and required quality and strength. The diameters of the binding wire are ranging from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm. The application of binding wire expects it to be adaptable enough to tie effectively and sufficient to hold the joint set up. There are different strategies utilized for tying the joints. Binding wire is utilized to hold the reinforcement at the proper position so that the bars don't displace from their situation during the concrete, that is, they hold the reinforcing bars at correct dispersing positions in the construction.

Binding Wire Applications:

  • Utilized in different enterprises for packing finished products.
  • Binding wire is utilized for binding reinforcement sections, metalwork preparation, pillars, dividers, segments, etc. Specifically, it is utilized in solid development.
  • Binding wire utilized for hanging hops and vineyards, as it is an essential material for embroidered works of art. Utilized for hanging vines binding wire diameters from 2.2 mm to 2.5 mm, and for the hop with a measurement of 1 mm.
  • At the point when you have to introduce walls and boundaries, a binding wire is utilized for making ropes, links, springs, nails and cathodes. Through a blend of adaptability and quality of the binding wire, bonding is indispensable for the different components of structures and strengthen ceilings.
  • The binding wire will give a safe hold reinforcing bars of various widths.
  • Binding wire utilized for the generation of welded wirework and for the production of barbed wire. Barbed wire is made of sewing nets with a width of 1.4 mm - 2.8 mm.

Purpose Of Using Binding Wire:

  • To verify secondary things like chairs, spacer bars and so on in position during development , these binding wires are used.
  • The binding wire holds the lapped bars in the perfect position.
  • For various construction steel structures related purposes.
  • Keep up the precise plan area, the direction of steel bars. To prevent dislocation of the steel bars when pouring cement on them; while combining the solid with vibrator and when laborers stroll over them.

Binding wires are produced using top-notch carbon steel making them exceptionally impervious to consumption and scraped area. In RCC work where we use MS steel bars either plain or ribbed or tor binding wires are utilized to tie the steel bars to one another at proper spots as indicated by structure at a dividing characterized by the drawing. The steel bars ought not to be upset while lying concrete cement in any of the individuals, for example, segments, shafts, piece dividers and so forth.

Ready-Made Binding Wire Advantages:

  • Delicate and adaptable to deal with effectively and sufficiently able to hold the rebars
  • Dependable Strength and malleability
  • Trust of brand's name
  • Predictable measurement as per IS codes

Benefits Of Binding Wire In Construction:

  • The elasticity of the wires helps in binding the knots with no breakage
  • A Binding wire maker in India makes these wires adaptable enough to fit the various user needs over and again in the construction projects.
  • Annealing permits the wires to remain delicate for simplicity of use
  • They help in emptying the solid into the edges without dislocation of the rebars
  • Holding lapped bars in the perfect position
  • To verify secondary frame designs like chairs, spacer bars in construction projects

The binding wire serves the reason for tying applications together in construction projects. It is particularly utilized for tying the Re-bars at the joints to keep the structure flawless. Binding wire is made of mild steel. The binding wire should be adaptable enough to be tied and furthermore sufficiently able to hold the joints. Binding wires are utilized to tie the steel bars. Other than evaluating the steel amount for various individuals, it is additionally critical to know the necessary measure of binding wires. Steeloncalloffers the binding wire that is useful in the construction fieldwith variable costs , so as to make the construction solid and adaptable. 


24 Feb, 2020
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