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What is the Tempcore Process of TMT Bars?

What is the Tempcore Process of TMT Bars?

The Tempcore Process adds to the quality of thermo mechanically treated reinforcement steel bars or TMT bars by fast cooling, at that point re-warming lastly packing to acquire a result of praiseworthy quality and flexibility. When the heated steel billets have been rolled in the mills and given their last size and shapes like bars, they are fit to be prepared by Tempcore innovation.  When TMT bars leave the plant stand, they are extinguished – quickly cooled with water splashes utilizing cooling establishments. This solidifies the external surface layer by changing over it to Martensite.  Following extinguishing, the higher center temperature begins streaming towards the cooled surface layer that has changed over into Martensite and tempers it.  Self-treating through lingering heat from the center gives the name to the procedure of Tempcore.

Advantages of Tempcore Process of TMT bars

TMT bars handled by this innovation follow an 'on-line procedure hence, they have: 

  • Reliable quality 
  • Predominant security 
  • Reserve funds in steel 

Tempcore process is one of the thermo-mechanical procedures which was created in the mid-1970s by Center de Recherches Metallurgiques (CRM), at Liege Belgium to deliver high return quality weldable rebars from gentle steel billets without impeding their malleability and without the expansion of smaller scale alloying components. In the moving plant creating rebars, steel billets are warmed to around 1150 deg C in a warming heater and moved through a succession of moving strands which logically decrease the billets to the last size and state of fortification bars. On leaving the last strand, controlled cooling is applied so that the bar experiences three-phase metallurgical changes as it is appeared by a run of the mill ceaseless cooling change (CCT). A significant element of the Tempcore procedure is its extraordinary flexibility. The properties of the rebar for a given breadth and steel synthesis can be shifted to an enormous degree by effectively picking the span of the primary stage (cooling time) and the water stream in the extinguishing establishment (power of cooling). Appropriately applied, the procedure permits an expansion of the yield quality of 150 MPa to 230 MPa without a restrictive and critical decline in malleability. High quality (weldable) evaluations and an increase in steel quality are accomplished in the Tempcore steel rebars with no expansion of the alloying components. 

Characteristics of Tempcore Certified Bars

  • Reserve funds in cost of steel 
  • High quality and toughness 
  • Excellent weldability
  • Erosion safe 
  • High mechanical properties
  • Fireproof 
  • Astounding bendability and pliability 

TMT Tempcore Process benefits


  • Brings down Steel Consumption
  • Worldwide quality Steel item at nearby reasonable costs 
  • High weldability and pliability 
  • High return quality with high stretching 
  • High thermal stability
  • Simplicity of accessibility 
  • Better erosion obstruction 
  • Higher Grades effectively accessible ( Fe 400, Fe 400D, Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550, Fe 550D) 
  • Better obstruction of weariness 
  • Higher bond quality 
  • Higher protection from strain Aging 
  • Accessibility of International evaluations 
  • Usability prompting less development time 
  • Generally appropriate for seismic zones as about 60% of India falls in high seismic danger class 

The Tempcore procedure of TMT bars proposed to make reinforcing bars with high return quality. In this technique, the steel TMT bars get a short, heightened cooling as they experience the uncommonly gave up temp core water cooling framework after the last moving plant stand. The unexpected extinguishing changes over the surface layer of the steel bar to a set structure that relies upon the solidifying of an as of late extinguished surface layer by the warmth given from the focal point of the thing.



28 Aug, 2020
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